About Me


Hello dear readers,

A little about me: As early as I can recall, I've always had an unyielding curiosity for unraveling the mechanics of people: their patterns and behaviors, and what isn't seen- the undercurrents of the human psyche. I'm a double major in Psychology and Philosophy. I believe both fields are intricately connected to one another (afterall, psychology has its foundation in philosophy).

When in it comes to working with and reading astrological charts, I like to integrate what I've learned over the years into my approach: A focus of human behavior and emotion, and the nature of time reflects us as humans. This is our natal chart in action

I think our natal charts are akin to unique blueprints of ourselves. The planets, houses and aspects within out natal chart reflect our behaviors, inclinations, adversities, etc. As humans, we're not stagnant creatures. Our charts reveal how time molds, transforms and refines these things.