Planets: Exaltations

Every zodiac sign has a planet of rulership where it feels most at home. A sign's planet of rulership reflects the qualities that the sign does best in. In addition to a ruling planets, there's exaltations. Planet exaltation is where a sign operates well in. Although every sign has a ruling planet, (or two) not all signs are exalted in a luminary. And for some signs, the astrology community hasn't arrived at a consensus in terms of whether some signs should be exalted in certain planets. For example, many astrologers believe that Virgo is exalted in Mercury, but others argue that it's actually exalted in Aquarius- Mercury has already been deemed the ruling planet of Virgo. Here is a list of the following signs in their exaltations:

Aries is exalted in the Sun

Aries carries the honor of the first fire sign. This is good news- the Sun naturally rules the fire sign of Leo. Aries exalted in the Sun naturally carries the fire qualities inherent in Aries. The Sun is reflective of our ego, it's what we want to show to the world. Aries represents the self. Essentially, the Sun represents life force, it's our power.

Taurus is exalted in the Moon

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. Venus is what we love, it represents beauty. The Moon is our emotional nature, and how we love. Taurus is about stability, the Moon is about security. The two fall in a synchronistic matrimony: Taurus provides balance for the Moon's everchanging emotions, and the Moon caters to Taurus' need for a secure attachment

Cancer is exalted in Jupiter

Jupiter is known as one of the warmer, generous luminaries- it's all about growth with Jupiter. The homey sign of Cancer's essence is the ability to nurture. Jupiter thrives in Cancer because both of their most naturally inherent traits compliment and encourage each other's ascent towards growth

Leo is exalted in Neptune

Neptune is the planet of creativity and expression through art, music, and the metaphysical. The sign of Leo itself is the expression of the ego, and is quite creative itself. The Sun is our vitality- it represents life. Neptune's illusion's create a metaphorical life. Neptune also rules the sphere of Cinema. This fits well with Leo's natural affinity for leadership, and love of the spotlight.

Virgo is exalted in Mercury

The sign of Virgo is quite methodological in it's approach to everyday affairs and work- it's all about the details. Virgo's precise and practical natures works well with Mercury (Virgo's ruler is Mercury, after all).

Libra is exalted in Saturn

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, it brings results with time. It reflects the outcome of what we put in- we are the result of our behaviors and our decisions. The scales Libra rules justice and the court system. The court system's priorities best reflect Saturn's domain: responsibility and justice for our actions

Scorpio is exalted in Uranus

Uranus is about sudden changes, the shock factor. Scorpio is known for change through transformation. Uranus represents natural disasters. Scorpio's transformation is destruction of the old- which, in the moment, can really seem like a natural disaster before things start to evolve

Capricorn is exalted in Mars

Mars naturally rules Aries. Aries is a sign ready for a fight- this what Mars represents- war (and even weapons). Earthy Capricorn represents rocks. The first fire (Mars is fire) was made by rubbing two rocks together. Capricorn fits in with the warrior in Mars. Many of our best soldiers were Capricorns. Why? Capricorn reflects discipline, repetition and defense. The ability to endure discipline and repetition during the art of training for war is perfect for Capricorn. Defense is character innate within Capricorn, and we need soldiers to defend.

Aquarius (is argued to be) exalted in Mercury

Many see Mercury exalted in Virgo due to its ability for detailed analysis. Virgo has an somewhat compulsive nature with details, potentially making this their downside. Emphasis on details to a detriment can narrow one's focus, often missing the forest for the trees. That's where Aquarius comes in- their foresight enables them to see the big picture. Aquarius is oriented towards the future- whether it's technological advancements, or pushing for change in humanity often see later on

Pisces is exalted in Venus

Both Pisces and Venus have an affinity for carving their creative paths with artistic endeavors. Venus is the embodiment of love. Pisces is gifted with the ability of profound empathy, and it reflects the collective (it contains all signs within it). Pisces represents a unique, seemingly boundless love, free of the chains of judgement.

Pisces (is argued to be) exalted in Pluto

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. Quite interestingly, the metaphysical realm of Pisces is often a metaphysical and psychological rebirth (some of the best Monks have express prominent Piscean values). With Pisces on the 12th house, it reflects endings- this is where things go to dissipate and die. We connect hospitals with Pisces. What happens at hospitals? People die, babies are born. Another thing I wanted to add: lots of medications are distributed at hospital (Pisces rules over medication.) The dark side of Pluto reflects obsession and addiction; medication is one of, if not the top addictive substance